Our Candles

Quality starts with the ingredients. 

Our focus is on making exceptional scented candles for a reasonable price. Since the first days of hand pouring in a Wisconsin farmhouse, I have stayed true to the mission of making the best smelling, cleanest burning, longest lasting soy wax candle on the market. I only use renewable American soy wax, which burns 50% longer than paraffin-based candles. It's healthier for your lungs and doesn't discolor your walls with black soot.

We care for the craft.  


Candles are all poured in small batches in my Denver, Colorado workshop. By making to order, we ensure that every candle meets our high quality standards for beauty and scent strength. You have to burn it to believe it. If you aren't satisfied with the quality of your Aglow candle, just let us know and I will replace it free of charge, or refund you. No questions asked!