Aglow's Story

I met the Ziegler's when we started selling their candles in our showroom, they would fill the store with the most beautiful scents.  Customers would walk in and purchase whatever we were burning.  When I got news that the family was going to switch paths in life.  I decided I had to do something!  It was a long road but we working with the family, and they were able to teach me the traditions that were passed along to them back in 2017.  The hand pour, small batch technique creates candles unlike any other. 

I believe so strongly in the quality of this home-grown product. They're the strongest smelling, cleanest burning, longest lasting candle I have ever came across. I've made sure to replicate the exact high quality candle, and am committed to introducing new interesting scents for every season. The mission is to create the best candle you’ve ever burned. I hand-pour each small batch and obsess over quality and scent strength. Simply put, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our product, or I will make it right!

The Aglow story is about more than just an amazing candle. It’s about saying “yes” to unexpected adventures, because I believe these adventures help bring meaning to our lives. And it’s about keeping great traditions alive, the United States has lost its link with artisans, and overwhelmed with mass produced products.  These candles are the opposite of that.  Hand crafted with time, creativity and purpose. I hope you’ll join us in this tradition.